Today's Best Index Cards About Sharing Stuff on Social Media

I'm taking a social-media break and had some thoughts on how weird it is that so much of my headspace, and so much of the stuff I jot and share fairly regularly on social media, lives in a space that is not actually mine, is really mostly out of my control, and yet feels super personal in a way that is maybe not super comfortable.

(The cards above are like a baby version of the much better, much more precise ideas articulated in Sofia Samatar's Why You Left Social Media)

2018 Events

Here's where I'll be! If you're around please stop in and say hi:

More Chicago Events

Here's where I'll be and what I'll be doing in the next few weeks:

Thursday, 7:30 pm 9/14/17 at Women & Children First: A conversation with Jimin Han about her novel A Small Revolution. Facebook event page here.

Friday, 7:00 pm 9/15/17 at Volumes Cafe: The Hullaboo! at Volumes Cafe, with "Trivia, Drunk Spelling Bee, Haiku Smackdown, Bibliomancy, and More -- With Prizes!" with a bunch of awesome writers. Facebook event page here.

Thursday, 8:15 pm 9/21/17 at Women & Children First: Panel on the best books of 2017 so far, and part of the Andersonville Lit Crawl, with another bunch of awesome writers. More info here.

Monday, 7:00 pm 10/2/17 at the Public House Theatre: We Read Banned Books, an ACLU benefit, with music & some terrific Chicago writers. More info here.

Thursday, 5:00 pm 10/19/17 at the American Writers Museum: Authors Brenda Lozano and Juan Martinez in Conversation, part of the Lit & Luz Festival. More info here

Friday, 6:30 pm 10/20/17 at the Hideout: 20x20 Chicago How does it work? More info here.

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