Leaning on an ElDorado Just to See How it Feels

The girlfriend and I will be going to see Tift Merritt (Tambourine is a fine album, but I am a bigger fan of the first) at Orlando's Social, which is also where we'll be listening to OK Go a few weeks later. In-between, we're flying to NYC, where we will be pointing at tall structures and ooh-ing and ah-ing, and visiting Places of Interest, and behaving like Tourists.

So yes. Hello. (And hello specially if you're in NYC from April 7-10... Are you? If so, drop me a line. We should meet up. Or you should recommend stuff to do.)

What else? I'm waiting on word from three schools, but have heard from one. (They have said nay.) The hope is that, very soon, I'll be in a PhD program for creative writing somewhere that is not Orlando. We will see.

Teaching six classes is a joy and a pain. The students are by and large a great lot, but the amount of work involved is a time drain, and has monkeyed with my reading strategy: I'm reading all sorts of things all at once, but in small dribbles. It is buckets of fun.

Which, speaking of: Hello, Melted Men!

And hello, Wagner & Doc, both of whom I had the privilege to meet in person as they made their way through the land, in a van.