The Bear-Trap of a Warm Embrace

There is far too much to do & so forgive this incredibly cursory, likely mispelled post, but I figured if you're here & you're reading you are--God knows why--curious as to what's been going on. So what's been going on is this: I've been writing up a storm, and reading buckets, and doing all sorts of things to keep up with the PhD, which is both a thrill and a treat and a privilege.

UNLV is generous with travel funds, so I was able to attend my first conference, and present my first conference paper, at Stetson University's Conference on Foreign Languages and Literature early this month (March 2-4). I'll be presenting the same paper, "Translating an Affair: A Comparison of the Two Spanish Lolitas," for UNLV's Graduate and Professional Student Association's research forum tomorrow (March 24).

Also, "Roadblock," a short story I wrote, was published this month in the unequivocably terrific Glimmer Train. It appears in issue #58 (Spring 2006) and is available at your Barnes and Noble or Borders. So buy a copy.

I'm writing a number of things, and having a ball teaching world lit, and it's all a big happy glowing orb of goodness. I hope you're well. You're missed.

Also: the Nabokov site has not been updated in a while, but that will change soon. There are massive additions to Nabokovilia. And there's at least one or two for Nabopop. Yar.