Also: Lunch is for Closers Only. And for Pool Ducks.

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My phone has a camera, and so I am taking pictures and putting them up on Flickr. As are you. As is the world. Hi!

And hello, ducks! They've been at the apartment-complex pool for a few weeks: they are getting fat on everybody's bread, mine included. They're getting so they'll shun inferior bread, which is eaten by an entourage of blackbirds and pigeons.

So the Nabokov page has updates.

And there are a few new pieces of mine available online. Two for McSweeney's: The Spooky Japanese Girl is There for You and The Lead Singer is Distracting Me. One for Conjunctions: The Coca-Cola Executive in the Zapatoca Outhouse. Both are sites that I visit and read and admire, so this is a big big treat and an honor.

I'll be teaching World Lit 1 this summer--session 2. And I'll be flying to Honolulu soon for a conference.

Right now I should also be working on a paper due this Friday--it's nearly complete, and I may in fact cannibalize much of it for my presentation--as well as studying for a final. But it's a small break. And then it's back to the studying and the writing and--soon--the grading of papers and finals. But not yet.


Ok. Back to work.