Less Abstruse! Less Commentary!

Many thanks to John Feith for his absolutely wonderful video/song, and for his offer to make "Waxwing," his song, the official song of Waxwing, the Vladimir Nabokov Appreciation Page. And so it is done. "Waxwing" is Waxwing's official song! See also Hailey Wojcik's terrific ukulele-based "Nabokov's Butterfly."

Those two will be added to NaboPop soonish--Friday at the latest--and there are three new Nabokovilia entries as well: Susan Hubbard, McSweeney's, and A Night at the Nabokov Hotel. So yes! Happy fourth!

And so yes: much less abstruse entry. And way less emo than the one immediately preceding it. Speaking of emo, though, I'd been wondering why such a seemingly inoffensive label/attitude/silly-lifestyle-choice was so easily ridiculed, and I'm guessing it's not just b/c it's so bathetic--though it is--and pathetic--though it is--and not just because it's so regimented--though it is--and maybe it's just that it's just so self-involved. And it'll pass if it hasn't already. Has it? Who knows? Anyway--back to the self-involvement: leave it to a grad student to take up like four paragraphs, two of them on songs, to say that break-ups are really sad. But--by the way? They are. Way sad. Doing way better, though. This is what I do: I run, I write, I work, I run again.