So flying off tomorrow to New York for AWP (I'm presenting in panel S111 should you want to stop in and say hello). New York! New York! I love New York. I love how many of the wonderful things I read have the town's name on the inside, in the copyright page, or right on the title (as in Times or Review of Books or Er). And I love the giant space the city has occupied in fiction, movies, television, and music. There's just so many great NYC songs! I love New York songs! One of my favorites is Lou Reed's Romeo had Juliette, but the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl's Fairytale of New York is up there too, though my all time favorite is TMBG's Everyone's Your Friend in New York City (terrific song, fuzzy clip: "Friend" starts at the 4:30-min. mark, and it's nearly impossible to make out, so here are the lyrics).

I love NYC! I love NYC nearly as much as this blond kid loves Andrew WK's "I Love NYC"! I love it almost as much as BJ Snowden loves being In Canada!