I Tell You What To Wear

The July/August issue of Desert Companion is out! And therein I tell you what to wear (I also recommended two additional items that had to be cut for space, but they're pasted below the issue if you're curious):

The What-to-Wear Supplemental Items:

1.      The Hermes orange-and-pink cachemire belongs in the blazer’s pocket, though only a brief blush of color should be allowed to peek out: at this price point, the pocket square is a secret extravagance, like the bouquet of kayaks hiding in CityCenter’s austere façade. And if paying over a hundred dollars for bit of silk kept mostly out of sight feels, well, wrong, you may luck into our saleslady, who demonstrated how the cachemire doubles as a woman’s neckerchief. The Hermes two-fer! A bargain! ($130 in the CityCenter Hermes store or online, but the $2.99 Target skull-pattern bandanna is a nice option.)

The J.Press long-sleeve white-and-navy sailor shirt. All branding is aspirational, less about who you are and more about who you want to be. So let’s all agree that we’d much rather be by the ocean, right now, and not in the desert. Picaso, ever aware of fashion’s sensual and dreamy possibilities, wore the sailor shirt, but so have lots of other people. And so can you. ($110 for a nice, boat-neck, Made-in-France one at JPressOnline.com, though other retailers sell less expensive variations.)