Nabokovilia: Cleaning Nabokov's House

From the New York Post's Required Reading (via the Nabokv-L forum):
Cleaning Nabokov’s House
by Leslie Daniels (Touchstone)
If you’ve ever moved into a place before evidence of the previous residents has been expunged, maybe you can identify with what happens to Barb Barrett in Daniels’ debut novel. After leaving a lousy marriage and losing custody of her kids, Barb rents an upstate house where author Vladimir Nabokov once lived. There, she discovers what she thinks (and hopes) is a lost Nabokov manuscript — about Babe Ruth. The author actually does live in a house where the author of “Lolita” once lived, but, in real life, she says, “Nabokov exists only in the copies of his books on my shelves.”