An Annotated Pale Fire Website

Pale Fire Notes is actually pretty awesome and impressive (despite the self-effacing description):
Being some incomplete and largely irrelevant notes and commentary on Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire, first posted pseudonymously to thePynchon-L mailing list June to November 2003. Page references are to the 1989 Random House Vintage edition.

Michael Maar interview

The BBC interviews Michael Maar in anticipation of the author's Speak, Nabokov (Maar's previous Nabokov outing, The Two Lolitas, was thorough and balanced (and introduced the concept of cryptomnesia into the mainstream), so looking forward to this thing too):
The author of a new study of Vladimir Nabokov’s fiction, Michael Maar, explains how the often tumultuous events of the writer’s life, including the death of his younger brother in a concentration camp, imprinted themselves on his work in surprising ways.
(Description & link via Verso.)