Nabokovilia: The Extra Man, by Jonathan Ames

Accidental Google-aided Nabokovilia. From Jonathan Ames's novel The Extra Man:
Her apartment was on the first floor of a house on quiet dead-end in Princeton (it was called Humbert Street and some people in town believed that Nabokov, whose first American home was in Princeton, must have taken note of this when he would go for his constitutional walks), and Elaine had this fantasy of putting her breasts in her opened bedroom window as if she was just leaning out to get some night air, and her window was on an alley, and I was to come long and suck on her breasts in the darkness, and then go away without saying a word.

Nabopop: Bored to Death

Bored to Death's first episode of the second season (titled "Escape from the Dungeon") features a nice bit of Nabopop: When a female student smiles at first-time creative-writing instructor/second-time struggling novelist/bumbling Craigslist-advertising amateur detective Jonathan Ames, his friend (played by Zach Galifianakis) says, "Hello, Nabokov."