Friendly Ghosts: Walking Las Vegas

Julio, one of the nice folk I met along the way.
I'll be leaving Vegas soon, and will be walking it from west to east by way of farewell. The first leg of the journey is up at Vegas CityLife. Here's a sample:

Desert Foothills Road teemed with folk, however, to a point where it felt like a parody of active pedestrian life. I walked in the company of dog-walkers and children and joggers. If you were filming a commercial for your new sub-development, you would have asked for fewer extras because it would not have seemed all that believable. So many people! And so photogenic! But there you were, surrounded by joggers of all ages, everyone in terrific shape, and by a froth of fully kitted-out bikers in expensive gear and the bright primary colors of spandex outfits you'd normally see in serious Tour de France stages, or on tropical parrots.

Photos of the walk are here. And I've gone ahead and embedded the map of the trajectory below:

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