Reading in Cutting Edge about Breton's tendency to jump into and out of theaters at random, to which Hawkins assigns a really neat reading, about the importance of disruption & the danger of passive viewings, though passive viewers, Hawkins does note, were probably really peeved off at someone barging in at odd moments--

--but anyway, it reminded me of a friend, someone I don't see often, who works w/ printers & other heavy hardware and mostly stays out of reach of people & has, as a consequence, grown progressively more intolerant of human annoyances & foibles, to the point where he says he canno--absolutely cannot--go to the movies b/c people are talking w/ each other, or on cell phones, or at the movie screen or being otherwise disruptive & annoying. To which I answered that that was my favorite part of the experience.

w/r/t which, i watched Sam Raimi's Spiderman in the theaters, and the movie was bland & boring & mostly uninteresting. The only saving grace if the experience was a five-year-old girl in the row ahead of us, whose running commentary on the film ("why is he [w. defoe] talking to the mask?" "so when is he [t. maguire] becoming spiderman?") provided the saving grace.


So yes! I'm teaching two sections of creative writing in the fall, as well as one composition course, and I am of course excited as all get-out. Still waiting for news from another job that pays in buckets and has benefits, but which amazingly does not interfere w/ the other teaching schedule. We'll see what happens.