Out Ridin' Fences

We watched In America the night before last. I already returned the DVD and didn't think to check the director's commentary, but here's the thing: the girl singing "Desperado"--surely that's a nod to the Langley Schools Music Project, no? Jim Sheridan is, I'm sure, enough of a good man (not to mention a hell of a talented director--b/c how can you spend half the movie bawling your eyes out, and even have that hoariest of cliches, the saintly African-American martyred so that someone from a fairer clime may live (see also: The Green Mile, The Talisman, several other Stephen King works whose names escape me--not to mention others from other writers/directors whose names also escape me) and still produce a movie that is emotionally honest, and fun, and just plain good?) to not have done an outright ripoff.

But still. The singing-of-"Desperado"-by-a-small-child scene is in not way distinguishable from the beautiful, ravishing reading of same song in the CD.

Which may explain why said song was removed from the In America soundtrack. So as to give Langley a leg up.