Like a Summer Rain

So I am flying to Vegas on the 28th, moving for good, leaving Orlando, and still trying to negotiate the logistics.

I'll be flying with a hamster, in a hamster- and FAA-approved portable carrier. Because apparently this doesn't work.

There is the matter of finding a cheap studio apartment near UNLV, since I don't drive, or to find a roommate who is okay with only a semester-long commitment. (I really do want to find a place that's both affordable and where the family and the girlfriend can feel free to visit at any point, at the drop of a hat, at a moment's notice, and it doesn't seem fair to do so to a roommate.) So. Do you know Las Vegas? Can you recommend a cheap place? Do you know of someone. Sometime soon I will put a plea on the Nabokov site.

Teaching, classes--hell, everything--begins at the end of August, so if you know of things worth checking out in the Vegas area, please share. The girlfriend and I will have some downtime and would love to get acquainted with the city. And with you. If you are around and are in the Vegas area.