Last Month in Orlando

I am leaving at the end of the month, and if you happen to be in the Central Florida area, and you happen to know me, and you want to say goodbye, please please e-mail my girlfriend, the lovely Becky, light of my fire, lighthouse of my soul, at

for there is apparently a thing going on where I get to see all of you. And I really want to. I'm already missing Central Florida buckets, getting ready finally to leave, and so--well, what can I say? Anyway, you are much missed.

There is a hamster item in The Onion this week. It should surprise no one that it involves potential serious injury to a rodent. Because it is funny. And because hamsters are the Michael Jackson, the squeaky shopping cart wheel, of the small animal world.

Good morning.

Also: I'm trying to get in contact with Roy, Matt, and Keith (who know who they are), but cannot find any of their info. Roy & Matt are good and dear friends, and they were our hosts when in New York, and I kept meaning to write and say hello and of course put it off for forever.

Also: Keith! Hello, man! How's Braden? How are you? How go things? E-mail me!


Also: completely forgot to mention this:

Everyone has one!